As part of our commitment to reducing our environmental impact, we're addressing the biggest sustainability challenges relevant to our business, including plastics pollution and climate change.

We're reducing the environmental impact of packaging and tackling plastic waste in three key ways:

  • Reducing our packaging material by optimizing our packaging formats, while also minimizing food waste (we’ve eliminated 68,000 tons since 2013)
  • Continuing to simplify our material choices and using innovative packaging materials to facilitate recycling in existing infrastructure (around 93 percent of our packaging is already designed to be recyclable or recycle-ready)
  • Working in coalitions to support improved infrastructure and greater harmonization of packaging formats, so that more waste is collected and can be recycled

Using less packaging provides an economic as well as environmental benefit, not only in material costs but also in transportation and disposal. This enables us to operate more efficiently while avoiding around 80,000 tons of annual CO2 emissions linked to packaging material. Globally, we have hundreds of programs that contribute to packaging optimization and elimination.

To further deliver on our long-term vision for zero net waste packaging, we're committed to making all of our packaging recyclable by 2025 and sourcing all of our paper-based packaging sustainably by 2020. Indeed, as part of our strategy for a circular packaging economy, we're focused making it easier for consumers to recycle packaging and on supporting industry coalitions to improve recycling rates.

Goal Progress Highlight
Eliminate 65,000 tonnes of packaging
68,000 tons since 2013
100% packaging recycle ready and labeled with recycling information
On target
Today 94% of our total packaging (both plastic and non-plastic) is designed to be recyclable
25% reduction in virgin plastic use in rigid plastic packaging or a 5% reduction in virgin plastic use in overall plastic packaging portfolio, assuming constant portfolio mix
On target
Builds on existing goal to use 5% recycled content by weight across plastic packaging

Industry Membership

Calls To Action We Support

The plastic pollution crisis cannot be solved by one sector acting alone. A global treaty to stop plastic pollution will be good for the environment and good for business. We are proud to have endorsed the manifesto calling for a global #PlasticPollutionTreaty.